Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Music #16

War  -  Where Was you At. That's from heir 1972 release, The World is a Ghetto, re-released on the Rhino label
Tom Scott and the L.A. Express -  Tom Cat - that's the title track from the 1974 release on the Legacy label
 East L.A. Sabor factory and the title track from their self-published 2001 release Party at Louie's.
Gary Bartz -  People Dance from his 2004 release on Milestone records titled Harlem Bush Music
Philip Cochran and the Chicago based Artistic heritage ensemble and a cut called Frankephone Blues from their self-published 2007 CD of live recordings
Micheal Franti and Spearhead  - Hello, Bojour off their 2006 release Yell Fire on Shugarshack records
Suphala  - Secret Language from her 2008 CD The Now on RASA records
Horace Tapscott - "As a Child" from Tapscott's 1998 compilation of live concert recordings titled Dissent or Descent from Nimbus Records
Barefoot - Foolin Around Maui from their self-published live album  self-published and available through their website,
Strunz and Farah. - u n-titled track from their  from their 1997 live album from Selva records

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Track list for Your Music 15
1) Gil scott Heron and the Midnight Band and The Bottle, from the album titled It's Your World which was on the Arista label in 1976
2) Afromotive, out of Asheville, North Carolina with a tune called Global Contact from their self-published CD by the same name.
3,4) Toubab Krewe with "Asheville to Abijan" and "Bamana Niya".
5) Antibalas with a song called Si Se Puede
6) Antibalas un-named tune which we'll join in progress, as they say. This one was recorded live at a night club in Connecticut, and it's probably better that we come in in the middle because that way we'll avoid some of the crowd noise that mars the beginning of the recording.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Your Music 14 - Pink Floyd retrospective

Track list for Your Music 14

1)Granchster Meadows - one of my favorites from the 1969 double album set Umma Gumma which is now a posession of EMI records and was re-mastered and released in 1994 on CD.
2)"fat old Sun" and that's on the 1970 album Atom Heart Mother, also from EMI.
3)Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk. from the 1967 album Piper at the Gates of Dawn from EMI.
4) "party sequence" from the 1968 movie "More"
5) "Green is the Color" from that same recording - again from EMI..
6)"The gold, its in the..." that's it - just a sentence fragment for a title from the 1972 the movie Obscured by Clouds
7) Astronomy Domine, versions of which were included in both Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Umma Gumma.
8) "fearless" began that set, from the 1972 album Meddle, can you guess the publisher? EMI, perhaps?
9) Saucer Full f Secrets from the 1969 Umma Gumma
10)Here's The Great Gig in the Sky. from Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973 - yeah, yeah; its EMI, too.

Your Music 12 - songs of struggle

Track list for Your Music 12 - songs of struggle and protest

It seems the candidates running for public office at both the local and national levels very rarely address issues of substance or take truly bold stands on anything except reactionary policies like militarizing the borders or threatening wars. Music, of course, knows no borders and inasmuch as it can help build understanding between cultures it serves as a tonic to te kinds of conflicts that lead to wars. You have to wonder, then why it is that songs of protest and struggle so rarely find their way to the airwaves - except, of course on community radio stations like the one you're listening to now. In this case we're talking about music that directly confronts the hypocracy and inhumanity of the powers that be.
1)Atlanta -based artist Susan Hickey Pict Song - words by Rudyard Kipling and arranged by . That's from her self-published 2004 CD Ramble in the Grass.
2) Peggy Seeger from her 1992 Folkways anthology titled Songs of Love and Politics. That track was titled Song of Change and Peggy Seeger was joined in that recording by the late Ewan Mcall.
3) Pete Seeger. That was Quite Early Morning, performed by Holly Near and that's on a 1998 Appleseed collection titled Where Have all the Flowers Gone, The Songs of Pete Seeger.
4) Sweet Honey in the Rock and Would You Harbor Me from their 1995 release on the Earthbeat label called Sacred Ground.
5) David Rovics with Song fir Big Mountain from his self-published CD Live at Club Passim.
6) Dayton, Ohio based native american duo Ga-Li with a track from their self-published 2002 release From the Outside Indian. That track was called All Is One Is All
7) Victoria Parks and What Our Children is Learning from her self-published CD Duh-mocracy spelled D-U-H-mocracy. My only contention with that song is that she identifies George Bush as the President when, as we all know; the man never won a national election. Victoria knows this well, as she was one of a handful of intrepid souls who actually investigated the fraudulent election in Ohio in 2004. Musicians stepped in where even the Democrats feared to tread.
8) Billionaires for Bush or Gore with a cut called Rest Easy Wealthy Gentlemen. That's on a self-published CD.
9) Mike Morningstar from a CD called Moving Mountains, voices of Appalachia, a compilation of songs and interviews from the folks who are fighting against Mountain Top Removal coal mining in West Virginia, Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky. The song was called Song for Mother
10)Phil Ochs with a much earlier song on the same topic. That was the Hills of West Virginia.
11) Grand Master Flash with his classic The Message released initially on the Sugar Hill label
12) Micheal Franti with " Rock the Nation" from a 2001 6-degrees records single by that same title
13) Gil Scott Heron with his rendition of a Marvin Gaye tune called Inner City Blues, about police reprisals against housing activists in New Orleans. That's on Gil Scot Heron's Arista label release, Reflections

Your Music 13 - Hawaiian mix

Track list for Your Music 13
Gabby Pahinui; Ku'u Pua Lei Mokihana 3:55 2001 Rough guide
Sons of Hawaii; Waikiki Hula 2.09 " "
Darlene Ahuna and Ken Emerson; Kalamaula 3.32 2003 Hana Ola records - A Place Called Hawaii
LOrna Lim and Kohala; Mokihana lulluby 3.26 " "
Moses Kahumoku; Pohakuloa 4.39 1995 Windam Hill Ho'okupu
Keoki Kahumoku; Circle SONG 2.29 2003 Palm records Slack Key Guitar volume 2
George Kahumoku ; Hawaiian War chant 4.14 2001 Dancing Cat records - Hawaiian Love Songs
Barefoot Natives ( William Kahaialii and Eric Gilliom); Indigenous Nations 6.11 2006 self
Berefoot Natives ; Ahe Lau Makani 3.28
Joe Keawe; My little grass Shack 2.28 2002 Hana Ola Records - Hawaiian Luau Party
Keali'i Reichel; Ka Mo'oku auhuau o Kamaile K'ane - geneology chant 2.08 2003 Punahele productions Ke'alaokamaile
Keali'i Reichel ; Ka Nohona Pili Kai 3.50 " "
Keali'i Reichel with Uluwehi Guerrero and Kekuhi Kanahele; Toad Song 2.54 1998 Punahelr productions "Pride of Punahele"
Ulwehi Guerrero ; Lei Lokelani 4.33 " "
Tahitian Choir; Tarema (creation of island song) Rapa island 1000 miles S.E of Tahiti 328 people since brit landing in 1791 - disease - recorded by Pasdcal Nebet-Meyer - Triloika records 1992
Tahitian Choir ; Teviatau 3.07 " "
Robi Kahakalau; Ke Ali'i O Na Lani 4.1 Pride of Punahele 2 - 2003
Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom; Ku'u Lei Hoku 2.25 " "

Your Music 11

Track List for Your Music 11

1)Carlos Montoya, "Balero Malorquin", or traditional Majorcan dance. That was from a 1996 Rykodisc compilation called Carlos Montoya - Flamenco.
2)Istayapi which is based in Louisville, Kentucky. The song wastitlked "Beginnings" and the CD has absolutely no information on it regarding contacts or dates, or copyrights - just the band members names, 3)Egyptian Sufi musician Sheik Ahmad Al-Tuni with a devotional song called simply "Alam" - that's on a Roughguide-label compilation called the Rough Guide to Sufi music.
4)Lew Silva, a Chumash indian from Paso Robles, California who is recording currently using traditional Chumash instruments and melodies in his original compositions. We heard Chumash Heart from his 1998 self-published release Old Ways, New Songs.
5) Seikou Keita "Baiyo" and that's on a disc simply called Seikou Keita - Mali and that's on the Arc music label out of the uk.
6)Gypsy Fire, which is apparently kind of a studio jam session featuring a number of Gypsy musicians like RichardHagopian and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Hasan Iskut and several others. It's on theCrossroads label out of NewYork City and the tune was called "Muhabbet."
7)Viva Quetzal. Here's Hijos Del Sol - children of the sun from their 1998 release on the SignatureSoundslabel.
8)Owain Phyfe and his group called Lagrimas De Sangria and a tune called Canto del Labriego, or song of the peasant.That is on his2006 self-published CD called Canciones Hispanoamericanas,
9)Gypsy Flame performed by a man named Armik - just Armik, it's trhe title track on his 1995 BAJA records release

Your Music 10

Track list for Your Music 10 - MLK day special

1) Ethel Chaffie Austin singing Oh Freedom - that was from a CD released by Unity Productions in 1996 called "I Believe I hear The Angels Singing/ songs of the underground railroad era".
2)I shall not be moved", sung by a group called the Norther Kentucky Brotherhood. (same recording)
3)Gil Scot Heron's "Who'll Pay Reparations on my Soul" from his 1970 classic Sall Talk at 125th and Lenox", recently re-released on the RCA label.
4)Columbus Ohio's own Arnette Howard with "I have a dream like Martin" from his self ublished CD clled Extended Family.
5) Is Said with his composition; "Eyes of Peace" - that's off of his self-published compilation titled "Everybody will be equal after the bomb".
6)Peter Tosh with "Equal Rights", that's from his Mango Recrds 1970 relase by the same name
7)Pete Seeger with "Ain't Gonna Study War No More" from a 1978 anthology album, The Best of Pete Seeger" that's available from he Smithsonian Folkways label.
8) Greg Greeway with a song about the civil rights struggle in South Africa titled "One Man, One Woman, One Vote" that's from his 1995 recording on the Eastern ront label called Singing foir the Landlord".
9) Sweet Honey in the Rck with their song We Are - that's from the 1995 album Sacred Ground on the Earthbeat label.
10)Peter Tosh began that set, too, with Get Up Stand Up, from the 1970 Mango release Equal Rights.
11) Richie Havens with a song written by the ator Louis Gosset, Junior in tresponse to the U.S. War on Viet Nam, called Handsom Johnny - hat's on the Richie Havens compilation album titled THE CLASSICS, on Rebound Records from 1995.
12) Phil Ochs with one of his signature tunes; I Ain't Marchin Any More - that particular rendition was from an un-known source
13) Pete Seeger "We Shall Over Come" - this was recorded during the time Dr. King was in jail in Birmingham, Alabama.